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Please know that the products that we reccomend here are things that we use and love in our own life and this is a great way to share them with you and support the podcast. Enjoy! 

Matthew's Book of course had to make it onto our favorites list!

I don't know how I lived without these. I use them almost every night. Also great for car trips, camping and under my snowboarding helmet.

Matthew and I both have a set of these. The sound is great and they have great range. All at a reasonable cost.

We all have this water bottle. 22 oz is the perfect size. It is lots of water but still fits in a cup holder

This is a devotional that is on YouVersion and I LOVE it! I was so excited that it was on amazon in book form. 

It might be silly, but we LOVE having "smart" lights and these are our very favorite. 

I have tried lots of different types of reusable pouches. These are the Best! They open on the side and come with a funnel

I don't know about you, but I hate ironing and often I am running out of time. This makes it so easy and quick to get wrinkles out of my favorite shirts!  

All three of our kids started using an ok to wake clock when they were about three years old. It was a game changer for us! Momma got some down time in the morning and made it easy and fun to set that boundry  

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